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2020-10-28 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda METTLER TOLEDO spa

METTLER TOLEDO spa : ADSC techniques permit overlapping effects to be distinguished; this is achieved by separating heat flow into reversing and non-reversing heat flow components. In ADSC, different overlapping effects can be separated from one another at a single frequency. As a result, ADSC yields new information not obtained by conventional DSC, which allows you to understand and interpret the different thermal events that occur in the sample. Moreover, ADSC provides highly accurate heat capacity values using aluminum as a reference For more TA tips and hints Our services offering Keep up to date on developments in thermal analysis. We offer a complete range of support services including a bi-annual thermal analysis magazine, application handbooks, videos, webinars, e-Training or classroom training courses. Visit: TA Magazine TA Handbooks TA Videos TA Webinars TA e-Training TA Class-room courses TA News

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