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2020-09-14 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda ANGSTRON MATERIALS INC.

ANGSTRON MATERIALS INC. : We rely on goods and products to be shipped around the world each day. Many of the items you purchase may have come from another country, sending weeks or more at sea on their way to your door. There are over 50,000 cargo ships around the world. We rely on these ships to bring our goods from other countries, and to ship our products abroad. Keeping the ships in great shape is a priority. And one of the biggest problems that plague ships is corrosion. Global Graphene Group has the solution! Our graphene-enhanced coatings keep ships corrosion-free. They decrease the coating's weight by 50-60% and last longer. Overall, our coatings solution will save companies LOTS of money in maintenance costs for their ships. Give us a call today at 937-331-9884 or visit us at to discuss coatings with us. #GrapheneCoating #graphene #sustainability #coatings #paints #anticorrosion

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